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Athlete & Entrepreneur

Optimize Your Life
by Optimizing Your Body



What's up people!
I'm Adam Frater, an international fitness celebrity and serial entrepreneur.

Here's a little about my journey.
In the early days of my career, I had a typical corporate job doing a variety of digital marketing, software, and tech. Like many people with big goals, my strategy was always to start my own business but I never knew what product or service to offer.  I tried a bunch of side businesses but none ever took traction. I had a passion for health and fitness but I didn't know how to monetize such a thing. Eventually I had the opportunity to co-own a gym in London so I packed up my life in the US and moved across the Atlantic.  Unfortunately, after the first 3 months, I didn't get my work visa and I was back to square 1 with no source of income, no home, and only a few thousand dollars in my account.

This is when I learned that rock bottom can either break you...

For the next month I sat at my computer inside a random hostel in Europe. While everyone else was out adventuring and partying, I was working - using my experience in marketing, and my passion in fitness, to launch my first successful company, Body Alchemy. I built this business to over $1 million in revenue in its first year and instantly turned my life around. My next plan was to use this success to take it a step further. I moved to Los Angeles and co-founded an 8-figure tech startup that produced hardware and online training content from celebrity trainers, pro athletes, and even olympians.

During all these accomplishments, I was also busy growing my name in the fitness industry. I have over a million followers across different social media and I'm recognized as one of the top creators in calisthenics and more specifically, bodyweight fitness. 

Fast forward to today.
I now run a multitude of successful businesses from my new training app, Calxthenics, to a merchant services business, and a couple e-commerce stores.

I attribute my success in business to the lessons I learned as an athlete. Don't underestimate how accomplishing tough physical challenges can rewire your brain away from negative self talk and doubt. The more you accomplish physically, the more you will believe in yourself. No challenge is to much for the mind of an athlete!

-Adam Frater

My Philosophy

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Most health experts will tell you that you need to workout and get proper nutrition to be healthy. This is true but it's lacking one major point - LIFESTYLE.

Creating healthy lifestyle habits that support your goals is the most important piece of your health journey. Once you create a habit, it becomes second nature to you which allows you to feel motivated instead of burdened.  It makes the whole system so much easier because it's rooted in purpose. It helps you connect with your "WHY".

Why are you interested in training your body to be stronger?
Why do you want to eat healthy?

Once you've established the habits, your health journey can have consistency and longevity allowing you to reach your optimal self.

Train Like Me

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Transform your physique with just your bodyweight.

The Calxthenics app, has programs for shredding, bulking, learning handstands, healthy eating, and more.
Each program was methodically created and vigorously tested to ensure results every time.

Train like an athlete.

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